Andaz 5th Avenue New York






Andaz 5th Avenue New York…

It´s not a tall building and not a common Hotel for Nyc, it´s the Andaz 5th Ave, just opposite of the New York Library and close to many attractions. Entering the room was an unexpected experience of space and style, many rooms are large and contained in a very nice way, you can breathe in here. Light-flodded design that doesn´t show of. Some terraces are as big as the room itself, with a lounge chair that invites you to sit down and listen to the sounds of the “city nerver sleeps”. The views from here are unique as you are in the middle of midtown and you have the combination of a historic New York building with skyscrapers in the background. The Shop and the Bar downstairs only use fresh seasonal ingredients from local farms of the area, so you don´t need to go far to have a tasty dinner or lunch.

 Tip: If you have the chance, go to the 34th Street pier and take the Eastriver Ferry down to Brooklyn Dumbo, enjoy the stunning views onboard and then go for a walk in the area of Manhattan- and Brooklyn Bridge.


Andaz 5th Avenue

485 5th Ave, New York

NY 10017, USA





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